Verity WorkshopBiography
I was born in Devon and grew up in South West England.  In 1975, I went to Cardiff University and stayed in Wales for over thirty years. Returning to Devon in 2005, I now live and work in Totnes, a small town on the river Dart.  While living in Wales, I undertook an Access to Arts course, followed by an Art Practice degree at the University of Glamorgan, which I completed in 2003 with first class honours.

I work mostly in ceramic.  My favourite material is Paperclay, which I make myself. Paperclay is made by adding water to dry clay to make slip.  Wet paper pulp is added and the mixture dried overnight.  It is then ready to be kneaded and used. This labour intensive process means I am familiar with the material used for each sculpture right from its inception.  I also work in ordinary clay and mixed media, and have carved both wood and stone. I love clay for its alchemic quality, the turning of mud into ceramic by the process of firing. I am interested in the long history of clay sculpture, and my work will often reference ceramic traditions, both ancient and contemporary.

Artist’s Statement
My work mostly focuses on the inner experiences of humans and animals, including hybrid creatures such as sphinxes and chimerae.  Within this theme my enquiries are wide ranging. I am intrigued by mythologies and narratives, especially those pertinent to modern life. I often find just being here quite absurd and my work reflects amusement in that existential predicament.  While my interest is mainly the inside of beings rather than their shape,  I love sculpture too for the choreography of making, the pleasure of my hands, the texture of stuff itself  and the constant dialogue with the material.

I have kept a scrapbook of sources for many years.  The most important are prehistoric and historic sculpture, with a particular affection for Etruscan ceramics and Indian sculpture generally.  I also have an interest in ceramic traditions, including Staffordshire pottery and 20th century ceramic sculpture, particularly American work of the 60’s and 70’s.  My work also references Grayson Perry, Louise Bourgeois, Anthony Gormley, Nek Chand and Jacob Epstein to name just a few.